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familiar frown, but after a brief hesitation, he gave her the weapon. He trusted her. Perhaps it was a frown of love.

She clasped the gun eagerly. He was now reduced to the meager power of his own body.

The inner air-lock door opened, and she led the way down the corridor. She was back within the domain of the Eye. Though she could not feel that great machine's pulsing power surrounding her, the very thought of it sent a tingle of excitement through her.

The corridor was more brightly lit than the liberators and their servants preferred. Brown and tan fiberboard covered the rock walls and floor, making this place look like a typical Earth building.

"They designed this part of the complex specifically for us."

"Us?" he said.

"You'll see." She stopped before a closed door. This was the room where she'd undergone much of her training.

John stopped at another door. Still he resisted her.

She forced a smile. "No, not that door. This one." He came to her, and she knocked.

"Yes. Come in," Justin called from inside.

The door swung open, and Anna entered.

John would have to see that chaos was superior to order, when it was explained properly to him. Just as Sheridan had discovered. Justin could do that, and Anna would help. She had gained control of John, and soon she would gain control of the Eye. Victory would be hers. The greatest joy was the ecstasy of victory.

Chapter 17

Galen twisted down tunnel after tunnel, mind racing, heart pounding, tech echoing his desperation. Elizar followed, only a few seconds behind, a figure of glittering blackness in the dim light.

In his mind's eye, Galen watched through the probe on John as Anna, Morden, and Justin sat in one of the pleasant meeting rooms above and attempted to turn the commander
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