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Elizar's face flushed red. "I lied on Thenothk when I told you I regretted killing Isabelle. I enjoyed it. I asked the Shadows to let me kill her."

Galen refused to think of that. He would not do what Elizar wanted him to do. He maintained his orderly progressions, recovered his intention, continued. "There are no mages to save now. Everything you do, you do for yourself. For your greater power and glory. That is your sole purpose. You will not admit this, you will not question what you do, because it would force you to admit who you are and what you are. You are the weak link who destroyed the mages. And what it has made you is the Shadows' lackey. Even still you do their bidding. You would like to kill me for what I have done, but you do not, because the Shadows have some use for me. You tell yourself that your obedience serves your goal. Yet in truth, it serves only the Shadows, as it has done all along."

The air around Elizar seemed to boil. His body was rigid, shaking, fists clenched. "I've done what I had to do. And I will continue, until I rebuild our order."

Galen visualized a blank screen, imposed upon it equation after equation after equation. A ball of brilliant blue energy formed a few feet behind Elizar, shot toward his shield. Another ball formed at the same place, shot forward. Another. Another.

Each slammed into the same spot, and with each impact, a yellow wave flashed over Elizar's shield. Galen conjured ball of energy, equation of motion, ball, motion, faster and faster, determined to burn through his shield, to burn him.

If Elizar's masters had ordered him to spare Galen, Galen would simply keep attacking until he succeeded in killing Elizar.

The waves of pulsing yellow and red lit Elizar's face with keen eagerness. "Now you'll
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