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to anger him. Elizar wanted him to cast the spell of destruction again, so that he would be incapacitated as another of the Shadow soldiers died. Galen, however, would not be provoked. "You would have found more good in having her eaten alive by Razeel's cylinders?"

Elizar brought his hand down in a sharp motion. "I'm trying to create something here, not destroy. I've learned the secrets upon which our order was built. I know how to control the Shadow devices, including these creatures, who will turn on their masters and fight for me when the time is right. I have been amassing power, and knowledge. When I have enough, I will break from the Shadows and begin a new order of mages."

"You amass knowledge by ripping it from the mind of a child."

Elizar shook his head tightly. "You would not teach me your spell, and neither would the Shadows. They taught me only to evade it. That left me no choice."

Galen extended a hand toward the Shadow soldiers. "You enslave others to gain your own freedom."

"Once our order is reestablished, I will need them no longer. Everything I do, I do for the future of the mages."

"That is the greatest lie you have told yourself," Galen said. "Perhaps you once loved the mages. But you love more the image of yourself at the head of them. Otherwise you would have seen that our order should never have existed. The evidence is all around you. Instead you want to rebuild our order, whatever the price. That price has been your integrity." Galen was sweating. Heat poured off of Elizar.

"Perhaps," Galen continued, "when you first approached the Shadows, your motives were not entirely selfish. You sought to save the order in which you believed. And in your attempt, you did sacrifice, as you said-you sacrificed everything that our order stood
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