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once and for all.

For that purpose, Sheridan went to Z'ha'dum.

His goals were admirable, yet he chose the wrong means to accomplish them. The only way to end the cycle was for the younger races to prove definitively that, of order or chaos, one was overwhelmingly superior. One side must win beyond all doubt and all recovery. For order to win, all the races must join in a single great alliance, against which no defiance could stand. For chaos to triumph, all alliances, all governments, all codes of conduct must fall to the changing whims of personal desire. Neither side had ever won such a decisive victory, and Kosh had come to doubt that either side ever would. Instead, the wars grew progressively more vicious and desperate, any benefit to the younger races lost in the firestorm. The cycle of war and death had to end, before all hope, all future, all life was lost.

Kosh had come to believe that if there was any hope of the cycle ending, of order being proven superior, it lay in Sheridan. In all the millennia he had guided the younger races, he had found no species more drawn to creating alliances and communities than the Humans, and no leader more fit to build and sustain such an alliance than Sheridan. Through Sheridan, all of the younger races could be united under a single government, subject to a code where personal desires would be sacrificed to the greater good of all.

If Sheridan went to Z'ha'dum, if Sheridan died, none of that would come to pass.

The ancient home of the enemy was well guarded and defended. In that dark place their power was concentrated, their pestilence thriving and mutating in endless variations. For countless millennia, none who had gone there to oppose chaos had escaped. Kosh could think of only one power that might allow Sheridan
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