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capable of mass murder. As, it seems, are you."

"So they really are dead then." He bit out the words, his tone like a dare.

"What do you want, a list? Elric, Ing-Radi, Muirne, Beel, Natupi, G'Ran, Elektra, Gowen-they're all dead. I found no point in trying to save them. The Circle lied to us, made us into instruments of the Shadows. Any good we do is far outweighed by the destruction we bring. We are tied to the darkness and cannot transcend it. We are all damned. We must all die." Galen climbed to his feet. "I have come to finish the job."

Elizar's mouth wrinkled shut, and his eyes narrowed. "How easily you condemned our entire order."

"Look at us. Among the last of our kind, and all we want to do is kill each other. Death and chaos follow us everywhere."

With a harsh exhalation, Elizar raised his trembling fist to his mouth. He wanted to strike at Galen, wanted it so badly Galen could taste it. Galen had never seen him like this before. In learning the spell of destruction, though, Elizar would also have learned the joys of that brilliant incandescence, that surging, singing heat the Shadows made them feel. He'd not had two years to learn to resist it.

Elizar's hand opened slightly, and his thumb circled his fingertips. "Death and chaos follow you. You're the one who deserves to be killed. The others didn't."

Anger would make it more difficult for Elizar to control himself, and while he was distracted, Galen could act. "Now that you know my spell, they shall follow you as well."

"I kill only when there is no alternative."

Galen laughed. "That is so completely wrong, I don't even know where to begin."

"You're the one who killed your little Soom friend, not I."

Galen turned his mind away. After a moment, he realized that Elizar was trying
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