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their war?

He had told Morden that perhaps he could save those enslaved on Z'ha'dum. Both Morden and Anna had proven, though, that those under the Shadows' control could not be freed, except in death. Of those prisoners who had not yet received the Shadows' gifts, they were as trapped in this place as John was. Galen could not save them.

If he could help John bring his plan to fruition, though, perhaps he could prevent any more from becoming the Shadows' slaves. If Z'ha'dum was destroyed, perhaps the Shadows would end this war, or at least be sufficiently weakened that the alliance, in John's absence, could defeat them.

The two bombs on the White Star could lay waste to five thousand times the area Galen had razed onThenothk. Within the confines of the caverns, the effects would even be amplified. If he could destroy the Eye, John could bring the White Star down.

He would find this "opening of the Eye" Elizar mentioned. If Elizar and Razeel were there to oppose him, he would kill them. Then, if he could, he would crush the Eye. He would maintain control. The White Star would take care of the rest.

Once again, it would not be his place to do good. But he had always found more success in destruction.

The agitating energy rose up, echoing his eagerness. He conjured a platform, sped through the tunnel, searching ahead with his sensors. He did not have long. The Shadows would spend some time in their effort to turn John, and John would respond carefully, trying to learn all he could. Once the Shadows realized John would not join them, though, they would move against him. John would wait until he was sure he had no other option; then he would order the White Star down. If the Eye was still operating, it would destroy the ship before it came close enough to the
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