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the equations of motion, navigating down the twisting tunnels, became more and more difficult. The pressure at his neck began to burn with a fire of its own.

He tried again to access the probe network, and this time he succeeded. He selected the relay orbiting Regula 4, the probe on G'Leel. She stood outside, watching the colorful sunset on Alwyn's home. She was safe.

As the passages split again and again, he raced deeper and deeper, leaving the Shadows' servants behind, the tunnels contracting around him, growing vague and dark.

With a crack the pressure at his neck vanished, and he found himself on his side, breathing hard. Wetness ran across his back.

The tunnel ended ahead. He continued all the way into the low, narrow space, and dissolved the platform. With effort he focused on the tunnel's ceiling perhaps twenty feet back along its course, visualized the spell of destruction within the rock. The energy fell upon him, burned out of him. The ceiling would collapse, concealing his hiding place. Whether the rockfall would crush him or suffocate him, he did not have time to learn. He could keep his eyes open no longer.

Chapter 16

Anna lay on the tilted sleeping pallet aboard the Minbari ship, John on the pallet beside her. These new ships of the Minbari, the White Stars, incorporated elements of Vorlon technology. She had learned all about them from the Eye. Aside from the Vorlon ships, they were the greatest threat to her sisters. With the help of the telepaths John recruited, they killed many.

Like the Vorlon ships, these White Stars carried a sad echo of life. They weren't truly alive, as she and her sisters were. They had no will of their own; they had no freedom. They were forced to follow orders. John Sheridan gave those orders. John,
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