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from a small side chamber. The bright light reminded him of the room in which Elizar had trapped him on Thenothk. He scanned again for mage energy, found none. If this was the trap, Elizar and Razeel were keeping their distance until he was caught in it.

From the chamber came two of the grayish-skinned aliens he had seen on Thenothk. Their long fingers trembled with anticipation. When he'd been joined to Anna, he'd learned of their atrocities. They drilled into the brain, attached the interface devices, took from a person her will, her freedom, her self.

The Wurt broke off a section of their platform, brought a prisoner to the brightly lit chamber. The grayish aliens followed the prisoner inside. Within a few seconds, a shrill whirring echoed out through the cave.

Galen turned his attention away, to the pulsing runes. He could not interfere. He had to hold on, hold on until he found Elizar and Razeel. Still the drill whirred.

The Shadow tech insinuated its way into these prisoners. They were infected with the programming of chaos and destruction. The mages' initiations were disguised with flourishes and stage dressing, but was the end result much different?

One key difference, he knew, separated them. These prisoners were the Shadows' slaves, with no choice but to serve, to obey the directives of the Eye. Galen was no slave. The Shadows had given him the power, and the ability to control it. So instead, he was a slave to control.

Closer by, the Wurt separated another section from the platform, bringing a second prisoner toward the brightly lit chamber. As his eyes fell upon the Narn, he recognized her. G'Leel.

It couldn't be.

This must be Elizar's trap.

Galen scanned the unconscious figure, the gold-and-black spotted head, white scar across the
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