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But to kill them all? They had the power; John Sheridan might win a battle, but he could never defeat the Shadows. Only the Vorlons-or the mages-could stop them.

He looked at the text again, disbelieving. What was meant by subsumed, he didn't know. The translation might be at fault.

Let them fill the ranks of our new army, and when we have won, when we have total control, we can design our own races to build a universe based on anarchy.

The new army. Was that what Kosh had warned him of? Did the Shadows mean to put all those captured into their ships, like Anna? Surely they couldn't have that many.

The words seemed to contradict the Shadows' very purpose. For beings devoted to chaos and destruction, it seemed they sought chaos only for others. For themselves, they desired control-control over Londo, control over Morden, control over Anna, and now, control over all the rest, who had proven unworthy of their instruction. Perhaps they had learned their lesson from the techno-mages, those of their creations least under their control.

He realized that, in a limited way, he had sensed the Shadows' nature for some time. But he understood the full truth of it only now.

It reminded him of the Shadows' strategy in the shell-shaped region of space. The raids had seemed chaotic, but in reality, they had been carefully planned to manipulate the reactions of those under attack.

The Shadows were growing dissatisfied with the effects of those manipulations. If they could not control, they would turn their minds toward destruction.

Galen crossed his arms over his chest, rocking back and forth. He had started out knowing exactly what he had to do. Now his task had become fluid, uncertain. He had to stop the Shadows. Yet if he gave himself over to total, indiscriminate
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