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programming, maintained control over it, in the process he too had lost the person he had been.

And with his attention narrowed tightly on containing his energy, holding to his task, he had forsaken John to the Shadows' plans.

Soon after Anna arrived, John brought her to medlab for an examination by Stephen Franklin, who'd finally ended his walkabout and resumed his duties. Medical records and DNA tests revealed that she was undeniably John's wife. But Stephen recognized the marks of the interface device, which he had seen before. He confided in John his suspicions that Anna had been wired into a Shadow ship.

John struggled to reconcile the memories of his lost wife with the woman who confronted him, who sat on his couch and explained, so reasonably, why he must go with her to Z'ha'dum.

When she stood and came toward him, stopped before him, he flinched. He knew. He knew as well as Galen that this was not his wife. Yet, incredibly, he agreed to go.

Galen rushed through the probe record, determined that John must not come to Z'ha'dum. Surely he knew it was a trap. Surely he knew that with his latest victory, he had proven himself too great a threat for the Shadows to ignore.

Of John's colleagues, none dared talk to him about it. They were all at a loss over what to say about John's wife returning from the dead. Even Michael Garibaldi, never known to keep his opinion to himself, remained silent. John recruited his assistance on several tasks.

As Galen followed Michael's activities, he saw the security chief load two thermonuclear devices onto the White Star. They were extremely powerful; each could destroy Babylon 5 several hundred times over.

Later, John and Anna boarded that ship. They formed a jump point, passed out of range. They were on their way.
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