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The Shadows were moving against John. With dread, Galen accessed the FTL relay aboard his ship, and through that, the relay on Babylon 5. It offered him a menu of all the probes, cameras, and systems on the station. He selected a probe on John.

The probe did not respond. Either it had been destroyed, or John had passed out of range.

Galen checked the security database, found John had left the station three days ago. He scanned back through the probe record stored in the relay, reconstructing what had happened.


Anna Sheridan.

The interface device had been removed from her head, the dark, hungry look around her eyes disguised by makeup, the greasy hair cleaned and cut into a fashionable style, the soiled orange jumpsuit replaced with a perfectly tailored business suit that was all too familiar. Here was Morden's "girlfriend."

Here was the Shadows' plan to destroy John. They used John's love against him. Just as they had done to so many others.

Galen had thought Anna's true self lost irretrievably beneath the Shadows' programming. Had they somehow managed to restore her?

As he watched Anna's initial encounter with John, though, his hopes quickly faded. This "restored" Anna carried a superficial, mechanical warmth. Beneath it, though, he could still see her hunger, her craving for the machine. She seemed almost to have transferred that hunger to John, for when she spoke to him, her face was alight with fanatical eagerness.

Of the caring, curious, adventurous woman he had seen in recordings, nothing remained. Although the Shadows had freed her from the ship, nothing had been left of her to free. Her past had been lost in her complete subjugation to the Shadows' programming.

In that, he and Anna were much alike. Although he fought the Shadows'
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