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he had seen it, though, could he simply complete his task and allow all this to continue?

He moved on. Drakh ferried prisoners from below on floating black platforms. The prisoners lay still, each one fitted with the delicate metal interface device Galen had seen on Anna's head. They were brought to a vast hangar holding perhaps a dozen Shadow ships. The Drakh stopped beside the nearest ship, its skin a dull black. A section of the platform broke free, holding a single prisoner, and the Drakh accompanied him into the ship's gaping opening. After a minute, a darker, richer black began to spread over the dull skin, and vibrant patterns began to shift across its surface. The Drakh emerged without their prisoner.

In the next tunnel, Galen came upon a group of scabrous-skinned Wurt. They conducted another group of prisoners deeper. These were unconscious, though Galen saw no interface devices on their heads. He followed, continuing to monitor the activities and meetings above, searching for Elizar or Razeel.

Talk of the war was constant, and several times visitors raised the issue of the Vorlons' interference several months ago, concerned that the powerful beings would interfere again. But their greatest source of anxiety was the alliance's recent victory, and the use of telepaths to jam Shadow ships.

In one such meeting, Justin tried to soothe several Humans. As he spoke of the heavy losses the alliance had sustained, Morden entered the room, and with a nod moved to stand at the back. Then Justin spoke a name: John Sheridan.

"Without him, the alliance is nothing. Within the next forty-eight hours, he will either be fighting for our side, or he won't be fighting at all. Babylon 5 will be ours, or it will be gone. The alliance will be subverted, or it will be crushed.
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