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still wavered, occasionally lurching to one side or the other.

Galen anxiously scanned the customs area. At this late hour, only a few knots of people awaited departures or arrivals.

Morden himself had returned to his room after the confrontation. He or his agents, though, were sure to show up soon. Morden would want to find the man who had called him a murderer. Whether Morden knew that man was a mage, Galen wasn't sure. If Morden did know, he'd be eager to learn that mage's identity.

Galen had invaded the Command and Control database and secured a departure time for Alwyn just thirty minutes after his meeting with Morden. Galen had to get Alwyn away, had to put his plan into motion. He hoped that if he killed Morden and his companions quickly enough, the Shadows might believe everything the responsibility of one mage: him.

If not, if they discovered that Alecto was Alwyn, they would hunt him down on Regula 4 and destroy both him and his place.

Galen turned to G'Leel, who stood nearby with their suitcases, and spoke in a low voice. "He must not be Thomas Alecto again. Nor should you be G'Leel."

Her red gaze was fixed on him.

Alwyn squeezed him and stumbled. "You have to come with us, Galen."

"Guy," Galen reminded him softly, trying to disentangle himself from Alwyn.

G'Leel hooked Alwyn's free arm over her shoulders and pulled him toward the security checkpoint. "Let's go, Mr. Alecto."

"Time to go," Galen said.

Alwyn grabbed him by the jacket, half fell against him with a blast of two-hundred-proof breath. "Come with us. We need your help."

"I have to finish here. You have to leave."

Alwyn bowed his head against Galen's chest. "I don't want to go back there."

Galen looked to G'Leel, who shrugged.

"It's not home without her. Just
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