Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

Eye turned away.

But still the brilliant incandescence raced through his veins, shot down his neurons. His body was shaking, both seized with the energy and surging with it. He wanted to destroy. He wanted to kill. Who or what, it did not matter.

He visualized the equation, brought the energy down upon himself. The brilliant blue fire rushed over his body like living lava, searing him, consuming any hair from his body.



At last his mind cleared enough that he could visualize a single letter glowing in blue in the upper left corner of a blank screen.


He clung to the letter, unable to think what came next, unable to continue. Finally he realized what he must do. The blue fire raked down his skin, scouring it away. He doubled over, his nerve endings overloaded with sensation, with pain. Then he was able to continue.


And again.


He continued with the exercise, and after that, another, and another, retreating from that place, from that time, recoiling from those feelings, withdrawing farther down the dark tunnel, drawing

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