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her head in an animated fashion.

The officer glanced again at his device, his forehead furrowing. "No... no." He handed back the card. "Here on business?"

"I'm here to see my husband. John Sheridan."

He seemed to have nothing further to say, so she continued on her way. She followed the route to John's quarters. She had to concentrate to keep her balance on the shoes Morden had brought her. Her legs were such a primitive method of propulsion. She passed down the corridors, reviewing all she had learned, all she must do.

Then she stood before John's door. She pressed the code into the keypad, and the door opened.

Inside, in John's place stood the hated Delenn, the one who sought to take her place as John's wife. She wore a loose robe, her long hair cascading over it. The bony plate that circled her head looked almost like a crown. In her hand Delenn held a small transparent globe. Within it was a miniature version of the lighthouse from the beach, primitive reminder of the great Eye.

Anna wanted to shriek out an attack, to destroy this challenger to her power. But Justin had prepared her for this situation, and she remembered his instructions.

Anna smiled and entered, holding out her hand. "Hello. You must be Delenn. I'm Anna Sheridan. John's wife."

The globe fell from Delenn's hand.

* * *

Ahead, the image of Z'ha'dum grew, no longer a black speck, but a small disk streaked in different shades of brown. Galen sat quietly, hands pressed flat against his legs, an exercise of the alphabet holding his mind as still, and empty, as possible. Whatever came, he must not resist it. He must allow it to pass over him and through him, to identify him as a creature of shadows, an agent of chaos and destruction.

The Eye would allow him to pass,
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