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to kill me or to help me. I am still waiting to learn which."

"Impatience serves chaos."

"Delay also serves them."

"If you were a servant of mine," Ulkesh said, "you would learn obedience."

"As you have taught your ship?"

"As our ships serve us, so you serve your masters."

"We are not slaves," Galen said. "We can fight the Shadows' programming. We can do good."

"In breaking their rules," Ulkesh said, "you serve only chaos."

"There's no winning with you, is there?"

"Good can only come from order. Order from obedience to rules. Control."

"I have maintained control for the last two years."

"All of you must die."

"We will kill one another before long," Galen said. "We consume ourselves like the ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail. The process has already begun. I simply seek to include these two who have escaped us. Does that not serve your purpose?"

Ulkesh was silent.

Galen realized that the Vorlon was waiting for him to say something. Then he realized what it was. He spoke into the shifting light. "The Shadows will know nothing of your assistance. I will tell them nothing willingly. And they will take nothing from me unwillingly. I have a device within me. If they attempt to disable my tech and take my knowledge, the device will kill me."

Still, Ulkesh was silent. Then, finally, in his whispering, resonant voice, he spoke. "You are chaos."

"Are you going to help me or not?"

"You are chaos. When Chaos looks upon you, she will see chaos. Like allows like."

"That's it?" The defense net was like the membrane in Morden's vent, then. It had recognized him as being similar, had allowed him to pass. Certainly this system, though, was much more sophisticated.

"To resist it is to betray yourself. In complete surrender
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