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melody. It was waiting, Galen realized, waiting for further instructions. It lived to obey its master.

Apparently the Vorlon's plan was not to kill him, at least not yet. Against the tight grasp of the ship, Galen forced a slight movement of his lips, spoke the words. "Face me." With his ears covered, he could not hear his voice at all.

He waited, continuing with his exercises.

The dim glow behind his eyelids began to build, like a sunrise, and as its intensity built, like more than a sunrise, like the sun rushing toward him, and more, like the sun swallowing him with its blinding brilliance. The light slid inside him.

It burned like acid through his eyes and into his brain. In the blazing light swam images of Elric, of Blaylock, and the others he had left behind. He was in his ship, flying through hyperspace toward the hiding place.

He forced his mind away. He yelled, "Get out of my head or I'll destroy you." He was drowning in the blazing radiance, disintegrating in it. "Do it now!" He visualized a blank screen, holding with ferocious focus to his exercises.

The brilliance pulled out of him, feeling, for a moment, as if it had sucked his brain out with it.

A shifting radiance surrounded him. "You are an abomination." The voice, unmistakably Ulkesh's, whispered from the skin covering his ears. It echoed with resonances of other words, other meanings.

Galen maintained his exercises, wary. "You came all this way to tell me that?"

"The pestilence must be eradicated."

"I agree. That is why I am here."

"You carry the pestilence."

"I know," Galen said. "And I agree. The pestilence must be eradicated. I wish only to stop two of my kind who serve the Shadows, before I stop myself."

"All of your kind serve darkness."

"You came here either
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