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lower limbs toward her, in preparation for attack. The technician came alongside, fluttering his thick fingers unhappily over her body.

"Anna, stop it. Bunny is going to help you remember your past. We need you to remember. Don't fight her. Just relax. Lie back and relax, and let her find the memories."

Bunny remained in the doorway, her thin face tight. A liberator came to stand behind her, with its shining black skin, its rows of brilliant pinpoint eyes.

The memory came to her again-dazzling and fragmented and filled with shredding spinning brilliant agony: the liberators had taught her obedience. Only after that had she learned the joys of the machine, and later, the First Principles, the great good of warfare, the ecstasy of victory.

Now, for some reason, she had been brought back to the beginning, and she must obey in order to reach the next stage, to regain the joys of the machine. She would prove to the liberators that she had learned her lesson the first time, that she needn't undergo their instruction again. Obedience. Obedience, the only option.

Anna returned her body to a horizontal position, and the hated Bunny approached. Standing at Anna's side, Bunny crossed her arms, and her eyes narrowed.

Somehow Bunny was inside her mind, pushing at her with the same pressure Anna had felt when she'd carried Bunny inside her body. Bunny was trying to take control away from her, just as the Eye had. Even this tiny piece of herself wasn't secure.

Anna tried to relax, as Justin had directed. But the pressure was increasing, building like a sustained blast from an enemy trying to burn through her skin.

What memories was Bunny searching for? Anna remembered every attack she had ever made, and before that, every training exercise. She recalled every lesson
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