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used his power in their cause. But he had not dared approach the heat of battle.

Now it was over. John was safe and back on Babylon 5. Yet the danger, Galen feared, was greater than ever. In their defeat, the Shadows had learned that they'd underestimated their enemy. They would not be taken by surprise again. Many more battles would follow. Many more would die. The Shadows would pursue their plan against John with new malice and determination. But Galen could do nothing for John, or for the Army of Light. The light was not his place. That fleck of darkness was. He must hold to the remnants of his task.

If Elizar and Razeel were not at the battle site, and were not elsewhere, perhaps they were, truly, on Z'ha'dum. Why they would draw him here, to the home of the Shadows, he didn't know. Were they that certain the Eye would destroy him before he reached the surface?

Or did Elizar and Razeel plan to let him pass, confident in their ability to control him once he landed? He believed Elizar would want to fight him face-to-face. Just as he wanted to fight Elizar. As he had wanted for a long time.

He remembered the Shadow's words: As for Galen, you know our plans for him, if you can capture him. In any case, he must be stopped.

If their intent was to capture him, then they would attempt to maneuver him into a place where they could turn off his tech. The device implanted by the Circle would kill him, and whatever plans the Shadows had for him would fail. They could not force him to do ill.

Only he would be responsible for any bad he did. As long as he maintained control, then he had nothing to fear. He would either succeed at his task or fail, but he would do no further harm. He could hope for no more. And he should delay no longer.

The mages would send someone
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