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their new ability in the largest Shadow attack of the war, helping to spread terror and crush any resistance. Elizar was sensitive to issues of power and politics, and he would know that to maintain any position of influence with his associates, he would have to constantly prove his value. Galen had waited, here, for Elizar to reveal his hand.

Yet the battle had come and gone. Watching through the mages' many probes, he had seen no sign of Elizar or Razeel. Perhaps they'd been unable to translate his spell of destruction, just as Alwyn had been unable to translate his one-term equation for listening to the Shadows. Or perhaps the knowledge Bunny had gained was incomplete. In any case, as the forces of light and dark had clashed in their first major engagement, here he had sat, just as he had in the hiding place, watching as others lived and fought and died.

John had deduced the Shadows' strategy. He had gathered his forces, had surprised the Shadow fleet. The alliance's telepaths succeeded in blocking the connections between many of the Shadow ships and the living beings at their cores. As those ships hung frozen in space, the Army of Light hammered them with the sustained blasts necessary to penetrate their strong Shadow skins. Some were destroyed; many fled. Galen wondered if Anna had been among those lost.

Alwyn and G'Leel fought with the alliance, Alwyn's mage ship disguised as a small Narn fighter. They helped destroy two of the Shadow vessels, and despite their reckless tactics, they survived unharmed.

The victory, however, was not without cost. Although the surrounding planets and refugees were barely touched, many alliance ships were lost-two for every one of the Shadows'.

Some of those deaths could have been avoided if Galen had fought with them,
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