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the suit, his head turned to the doorway. Anna followed his gaze, finding one of the liberators there. She laid down the suit and began to undress.

* * *

Galen sat silently in his ship, drifting at the outskirts of the Alpha Omega system. In his mind's eye, the ship's sensors provided an image of the space all around. Barely visible at the extremes of magnification, the third planet was a black fleck against the tiny bright disk of the sun. As he stared at that fleck, that dark heart of the chaos that had caused so many deaths, and would cause so many more, he wanted nothing but to crush it and all who lived there. The tech burned cold and restless, echoing his desire. The darkness had its own heart within him, but he could not surrender to it. He must hold to his task.

Over the last ten days, he had returned the trading vessel he'd rented, retrieved his mage ship from the backwater where he'd hidden it, then made his way quickly to the rim.

Now that he was here, though, he only drifted. He saw no sign of Vorlons, despite Kosh's claim that they would try to stop him. Even if they let him pass, he had no idea how he might penetrate Z'ha'dum's defense net. He had watched Shadow ships come and go from the planet, and he could detect no trace of the Eye. He suspected he would not detect it until it had already seized his ship. In the unlikely event he did reach the planet, he still found it hard to believe that Elizar and Razeel were there. It made no sense.

Elizar's "invitation" to Galen-let him come to me, if he dares-implied that Elizar would remain on Z'ha'dum. But Galen thought it might be a ruse, a way to trap or kill him within the defense net.

He had felt certain that if Elizar translated the spell of destruction, brother and sister would use
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