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out facts like an assault.

"Sheridan loved her work. She loved to learn. She loved her husband. She hated corporate politics. She refused to lie or use people just to get ahead. When she saw people in pain-she tried to help them, whether they would help her in return or not."

"What about evolution through bloodshed?"

Again, her question seemed to anger him. "Sheridan would hurt someone only if her own life or a friend's was threatened and there was no other way. If there was a way, she would try to save even her enemies."

"She was a fool." Anna wondered how the liberators had sensed she'd had any potential at all.

"It's not your place to make a judgment," Morden snapped. With a deep breath, he folded his hands in his lap. When he spoke again, his words came more slowly. "There's no point to it. You're supposed to learn, so you can fool John. What do you do as an archaeologist?" He was going to test her understanding of the information he'd given her.

"I uncover artifacts of ancient civilizations, such as the J/Lai, the Anfran, and the Subatu."

"What do you enjoy most about that?"

"I like to figure out how the beings in those cultures thought, and how they lived." The answer troubled Anna. "But what importance can that have? Those beings are dead because they failed. Their civilizations were inferior."

"You believed that studying the past could tell us about the present, and the future."

"What can the inferior past tell us about the present?"

"The past has formed us. It has made us who we are and determined what we want. It reveals where we came from, and where we're going."

How could someone who knew the First Principles understand them so little? "We go toward perfection, through means of warfare and chaos. Those who survive are superior.
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