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quickly stood when he saw her. "Sheridan."

He was a Human of compact build, with dark hair styled cleanly back. He wore a dark suit, and a black stone hung from a silver chain about his neck. His hands hung at his sides, and he stared at her with the unwavering intensity Justin had told her Humans did not use with other Humans.

She searched her memory for his image, or his name. "I recall you," she said. "You were in a tunnel on Z'ha'dum. You were sitting on the ground. Your arm"-she pointed to it- "was burned."

The visitor nodded. "I had been shot."

Justin pushed himself up with his cane. "Do you know who this is, Anna?"

That image came from the time after she'd arrived on Z'ha'dum, but before she'd been joined with the machine. "That's all I remember," she said.

"This is Morden, Anna. He was an archaeologist, like you. He came with you on the Icarus"

Anna came toward him, extended her hand. "Hello. I'm Anna Sheridan. John's wife."

Morden frowned as he shook her hand. When their hands separated, he folded his together in front of him and turned to Justin. "Sheridan would never introduce herself as John's wife."

"We did the best we could with what little we knew. Don't confuse her on the things she's already learned. Just try to teach her more. What do you think of her appearance?"

Morden barely looked at her. "She's thin. The hair is too neat."

Justin let out a heavy breath. "You should have seen her when we first took her out." He glanced toward the liberators. One continued to watch them, while the others chattered. "You two should catch up on old times. And Morden, perhaps you can help Anna finish getting ready. In the meantime, we've got our own matters to discuss. Anna, why don't you take him back to your room?"

Morden had known
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