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various treatments to help this limited body function on its own. First they had removed the metallic interface device fastened to her head. Her senses had been even further reduced. She could no longer feel the power of the Eye running through the walls. Now this.

Justin turned the screen to face her. "Do you recognize him?"

She had never seen this person. "No."

Justin frowned. "Look again, Anna."

The image showed a Human male, middle-aged, with dark blond hair, not remarkable in any way. "No."

He showed her a few more images that she did not recognize, and with each failure, the wrinkles on his sagging face deepened.

Anna grew anxious. She was obeying-answering their questions, undergoing their treatments. She had to be connected once again to the machine.

He waved the screen in front of her, and his voice rose. "This was your mother, Anna. This"-he changed the picture-"was your father." He returned to the image of the man with dark blond hair. "And this is your husband. John Sheridan. The man whose name you share."

Anna didn't understand. She knew what a husband was, a male mate in the custom of the Humans. Why would she have a husband?

Justin slammed the comp-pad down beside her head. "Where is that Bunny person? Bring her in."

The technician left, and after only a moment he returned. Behind him came the hated Bunny, with her long blond hair and short pink dress, Bunny, who had interfered with Anna's control of the machine, who was no friend, no matter what the Eye said. Anna didn't know why she hadn't thought of it before; if there was any reason she had been separated from the machine, it was Bunny.

Anna used her upper extremities to raise herself. She was panting again, her heart thumping hard.

"Anna," Justin said.

She drew her
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