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On top of that, you said Galen was going directly to Z'ha'dum, but it's been eight days since he left Babylon 5, and we've detected no sign of him in the area."

Galen was the machine she had connected with before, she remembered. The machine who looked like a Human.

"He may be coming up with a plan of some kind."

"If he delays much longer," Justin said, "this could become a real problem for us. We can't postpone our contact with John Sheridan. We can't allow him time to follow up on his victory."

"Galen won't be a problem. They know how to handle him."

There was a pause. Then Justin spoke again. "How did your trip go?"

"According to plan," the smooth-voiced visitor said. "Emperor Cartagia has sent the offer via diplomatic pouch. Londo should learn of his new position as adviser to the emperor on planetary security on the same day that John Sheridan learns his wife isn't really dead."

"At least something is going the way it's supposed to."

"How is she?" the visitor asked.

"She remembers pieces of her past, but her old emotions and personality have stayed beyond our reach. I thought at first it was hopeless, but she's been improving rapidly, learning to respond to different situations. Her husband will notice some change. He'll also see, though, that she's his wife, and what she says will matter to him. I'm hoping you can bring her further along, even in the short time we have left. Whatever it takes, this has to succeed. One way or the other."

The harsh chirp of one of the liberators broke into their conversation.

"Anna?" Justin called. "Are you there?"

She entered.

Four liberators stood huddled on one side of the room. The head of one was raised, brilliant white eyes fixed on her. On the other side sat Justin and the visitor. The visitor
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