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were far wiser than she. They had entrusted her with a great responsibility, and she would not fail them.

"We'll have the clothes and makeup and things directly," Justin said in his quavering voice.

Anna looked at the image on the wall, the smiling woman with the wavy dark hair and brown jacket. She looked down at herself. She wore a short green dress that she knew had once belonged to Bunny. It was sufficient, but it was not something the archaeologist woman would have worn. So she could not wear it.

"We'll send for you in a few minutes," Justin said, and headed for the lower levels. The machine was admitting a visitor in another ship. Justin had told her the archaeologist woman had known this Human, but he would not say the Human's name. He was hoping she would remember, Anna knew.

As soon as the technicians were finished, Anna followed after Justin. Perhaps she could study the visitor unobserved for a few minutes, try to connect the Human with the images in her mind.

Outside the machine's main chamber she heard Justin's voice, along with high bursts of chirping from the liberators. She stopped.

"It was a complete disaster," Justin said. "The strike was supposed to be an overwhelming, demoralizing slaughter, a total surprise. Instead our fleet has suffered major damage. How did John Sheridan know where we were going to attack?"

"He's a military man, and he's smart." The visitor's voice was smooth, deep. She didn't recognize it. "He deduced our strategy. But he doesn't have any idea what's coming next."

The liberators' anxious speech continued over the conversation of the two men.

"Our plan was to approach a demoralized John Sheridan," Justin said, "not one riding the crest of his greatest victory. I don't like the way the timing of this is going.
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