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in front of him. With the Shadows' influence had returned an intensity, a certainty to his manner. Of the Human being with whom Galen had briefly made contact, there was no sign.

"I hope it won't ruin your plans with your girlfriend," Galen said. "I think she's going to enjoy your gifts."

Morden's gaze lingered on Galen. "It's thoughtful of you to mention. Please tell your friend that I hope I see him again soon."

"I know he feels the same way."

"I hope to see you again too, Guy." Morden smiled, revealing even white teeth. Yet the smile was different than before, sharper and harder and filled with malice. It was the Shadows' anger, Galen realized, channeled through Morden.

"Mr. Garibaldi." Morden extended his identicard, and Michael regarded it for a moment.

"No matter how many times we say good-bye, you keep coming back-like a bad meal."

"A bad but expensive meal, I hope."

Michael took the card, ran it through the scanner, and returned it. Galen stepped aside, and Morden picked up his suitcases and passed through the checkpoint, the Shadows following.

Michael looked after him, troubled. Finally he ran Galen's card through the scanner. When he handed it back, he maintained his hold on one end, drawing Galen's gaze to his. "I think you're the one who needs to be careful."

"You're mistaken. It's you. And your captain. Watch over him."

Michael's lips tightened, and Galen took the card and headed down the passageway.

Now he would go to Z'ha'dum.

Chapter 14

Anna sat in a small chamber within the machine, on a seat that had been extended up out of the floor for her. The machine surrounded her-its graceful curves, its life, its power-yet she was not part of it. She was only a passenger, one of those inferior irritants that used
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