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"Short visit. Any luck drumming up some business?"

"I'm afraid not."

"Sorry to hear that. Feeling better?"

"Yes, thank you."

Michael still had not run his identicard through the scanner. "That Mr. Alecto, he seemed to be carrying some kind of grudge, blaming a Human for the bombing of the Narn homeworld. Do you know where he would get that idea?"

It was a question to which both Galen and Michael knew the answer, but neither would admit. Galen looked out across the empty customs area with its flashing information screens. "Thomas Alecto knows more about the Narn situation than pretty much anyone. I don't even try to understand it. That's not my business." He turned back to Michael. "Thank you for helping Thomas out of trouble. He's a good man, though often reckless." Galen hesitated, decided to take a chance. He fixed Michael with his gaze. "As I've often told him, these are dangerous times, and one should not make enemies unless one is prepared to defend oneself from their attack."

Michael pursed his lips, studying Galen. "I couldn't have said it any better." Something across the customs area caught his attention. "Oh look, it's Mr. Alecto's friend."

Morden was approaching, a small suitcase in each hand. He must have moved up his departure time to coincide with Galen's, and Galen had been too preoccupied to notice. Michael's smile revealed that he was not surprised in the least. He was here for the express purpose of witnessing this meeting.

Galen accessed his sensors, searched through frequencies. Two new Shadows accompanied Morden.

"Mr. Phillips, isn't it?" Morden said in his smooth, threatening voice, setting his suitcases down to either side.

"You're leaving early," Galen said.

"Yes, something unexpected came up." Morden folded his hands
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