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time to learn the truth."

Justin nodded, stepped back. "Good, Anna."

"It would be much simpler to kill her."

"But then John would hate you, and he would never come with you to Z'ha'dum."

"You said he loved me."

"His feelings could change. He loves Delenn too."

It angered her that Delenn had gotten so much power. The archaeologist woman was John's wife. Delenn had no place. Anna would gain control of John subtly, by proving herself superior to Delenn, the way she and her sisters had once convinced a planetary ruler to join the side of chaos by hovering over his major cities.

She was eager to meet this powerful nexus, her husband. He had been chosen to have his potential freed, just as she had been. He would learn the joys of chaos; she would help to show him the way. And then she would have what she wanted.

Justin sat. "You're getting better every time. Let's continue. We have more work to do, and not much time. Soon we'll be leaving for Babylon 5."

With a smile, Anna took her seat.

* * *

Dressed again as Guy Phillips, Galen entered the customs area, valise in hand. At the security checkpoint, Michael Garibaldi looked up from a conversation with a colleague, noticing him.

Galen would have preferred to avoid Michael. The security chief must have suspicions about him, particularly after Alwyn's erratic behavior. No doubt that was why Michael was loitering around the checkpoint at this late hour.

But Galen's scheduled 2 a.m. departure was ten minutes away, and he could not delay. He was exhausted, his mind holding tightly to the reassuring rhythm of its exercises, his attention narrowed to the single necessity of boarding his ship, leaving this place.

Galen presented his identicard to Michael.

"Mr. Phillips," Michael said.
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