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story again, as we discussed."

She spoke slowly. "Our ship, the Icarus, had an accident." She stood and turned away. "The crew was killed, com system destroyed. Those of us who survived had no way to tell Earth what had happened. And even if we could have, the aliens had just come out of hibernation. They were vulnerable. They couldn't risk exposure to outsiders. So they made a deal: In exchange for our silence, they let us study their technology."

One of the technicians came in, and Justin pushed himself up with his cane. "Anna, let me introduce you to the Minbari ambassador, Delenn." Anna came around the table, extended her hand as she had been taught. "Hello. I'm Anna Sheridan. John's wife."

The technician shook her hand, silently nodding.

Justin had told her that Delenn was the greatest threat to her control of John. John was close to taking Delenn as his new wife. The Minbari already had partial control of him. Anna must break that control without killing Delenn, must break it by planting doubt, by proving that she loved John more than the Minbari did. Anna would assert herself as the wife, the one with power over John-just as she would later overcome the one at the center of the Eye and take control of that glorious machine.

"I need to talk to Delenn," Justin said.

Anna modulated her voice to convey displeasure. "After five years, we can't have dinner together? Let her go, John. You can talk to her later. This should be a moment for us."

"You're right. We'll talk later, Delenn," Justin said, and the technician's thick fingers fluttered anxiously. He left.

Anna came close to Justin, laid a hand against his cheek. "You said that Delenn and Kosh told you I was dead. Delenn has misled you again and again. For her own reasons. Selfish reasons. It's
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