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a limited flexibility much inferior to her machine skin. The tension in her muscles felt strange.

Justin shook his head. "Your smile still isn't right, Anna. You need to look at John as if you love him."

Anna didn't understand what the word love meant to Humans, who lived such pathetic lives, but Justin had grown frustrated trying to explain it to her.

"Try thinking of something pleasant. That may help."

Anna imagined how it would feel to be in control of the Eye-to coordinate, to synchronize, to strike. Her face shifted.

"Good, Anna. That's it. That's how you must look at John."

She continued. "Don't you want to know what it's about? What it's really all about? I can do that. All you have to do is come with me."

"Where?" Justin said.

"Where else? To Z'ha'dum."

Justin tried to pull his hand away, and Anna tightened her grip. He had told her that as she touched John, she gained control over him.

"No, no, Anna. When John tries to pull away, you have to release him. You can't force him to do what you want. You must convince him."

She released Justin's hand, frustrated by the weak, indirect method of control he was teaching her. It did not come naturally. She forced herself to smile. "I can guarantee your safety. They're eager to meet you. It's just a simple invitation. Come and hear their side of the story. Nothing more."

"I have to know what they've done to you," Justin said. "What you've been doing all these years. First tell me that. What happened to the Icarus?"

"I thought we were going to study the ruins of an ancient civilization. But when we arrived, we discovered that the civilization wasn't dead at all. We found a very advanced alien race. They were quite approachable." Those were the liberators, Anna thought, her gaze shifting
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