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Ulkesh turned to face his image. "No good can come of you."

"Do Kosh's wishes mean nothing? Do you believe no good can come from them either?"

The red eye built rapidly to brilliance, and with a flash, a pulse of energy shot down the hall. It passed through the illusion, burned into the wall.

Galen dissolved his image, stepped from the cross-corridor into sight. "We can surprise you," he said.

Ulkesh's red eye shifted to him, held there. Then the Vorlon turned and glided away.

* * *

Dinner for two had been brought in, and Anna and Justin sat across from each other at the large table with the rigid chairs. A small flame burned between them. Justin had explained it was for decoration. According to Earth custom, the food must be eaten with small tools. Anna manipulated them carefully.

Three liberators stood to one side, watching.

"Please, Anna," Justin said, playing the role of John Sheridan, "tell me what happened to you on Z'ha'dum. Why was your ship reported destroyed? Why didn't you contact me in all this time?"

Anna took a careful sip of her tea. They had practiced again and again. She knew what she needed to say. She knew the facts of this archaeologist woman's life, and she had connected some of those facts to images in her mind. The difficulty came in saying the words as Justin wanted her to say them. She must perform gestures as she spoke, vary the tone of her voice, shift her gaze periodically, and convey different expressions. The communication seemed needlessly complex.

She set down her cup. "I know there's a lot that you don't know. I know there's a lot you don't understand. I'm here to fix that." She grasped his wrinkled hand, met his gaze, and smiled. The expression involved a deformation of her facial skin, which carried
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