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something big is about to happen. Something really big."

John's face fell into lines of concern. "I do too."

Galen stood. He had planted his idea. It was up to John to make the connection, and to fight the battle. It was not his place to do good. "I better go. And you should get to bed."

"Thanks for the update." Slowly John gathered up the reports on his lap, flaring his eyes several times to try to keep them open. "Any news on that techno-mage who attacked Londo?"

"No. I've got a couple men on Londo, though he doesn't know it. The ambassador got himself a ridiculous disguise and slipped into Down Below. It's hard not to root for the techno-mage."

"Whatever he's up to, I just hope he leaves before we have to arrest him, or worse."

Galen nodded and started out of the office.

"It's too bad we don't have some techno-mages fighting on our side."

Galen stopped and turned back to him. "Yes," he said. "It is."

* * *

Galen watched through security cameras as the false Kosh left the docking bay where his ship was kept and glided down the nearly empty corridors toward his quarters. As the Shadows concealed their appearance, so did the Vorlons. This one was shrouded in a dark encounter suit, black mottled with blue and red. A long, sleek shell encased his "head," a single red light serving as an eye. The cloth curtaining his body shifted only slightly as he moved.

Galen had read conflicting accounts of the Vorlons' true form; the most credible of those who had seen Vorlons described them as beings of light. Others spoke in awestruck tones of the Vorlons' godlike appearance, an image the Vorlons cultivated to generate unquestioning faith and obedience.

This false Kosh, Galen knew, was brutal and unbending. Ulkesh offered John Sheridan's alliance
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