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it gently to John's neck. He had formulated the one-inch disk with only a light sedative. With its advanced delivery system, it would take effect in just three seconds, keeping John disoriented during their conversation. Normally he created tabs that bonded to the skin, so his targets had no chance of removing them. But he would leave no trace of his presence.

Galen returned the tab to his pocket, sat beside John, and raised a hand to wake him.

"You carry Shadows within you." The voice came from John, but the voice was not his, and his lips had not moved. John's head remained hanging to one side, his breath slow, regular.

It was the whispering voice he had heard before, echoing with strange resonances of other words, other layers of meaning.

"This place is not for you," the voice said. "Leave at once." The words were being sent directly into his mind, but Galen sensed no attempt to invade his thoughts. His exercises continued without disruption.

He spoke softly, so that he would not wake John. "Who are you?"

"You must go to Z'ha'dum and stop those like you. From them spreads a great darkness. Only like can stop like."

"Are you Vorlon? Kosh?"

"You could have crushed me, and you did not. We met in blackness, and you withstood my test."

Kosh must have been the Vorlon he'd encountered in the Thenothk system. "What is the darkness-"

"Tell no one. Secure the aid of my successor, Ulkesh. Do not let him probe your mind."

"Will he help me breach the Shadows' defense net?"

"If you withstand his test, he will not kill you as you attempt to pass to the enemy."

"What of the Eye? If the Vorlons don't kill me, the Shadows will."

"Yes," Kosh said.

"How can I-"

John stirred, opened his eyes. "Michael? What is it?" He straightened. "Another
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