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5 was to be Galen's last act, then he would like to do this one thing, to give John's alliance one small chance to win a victory against the Shadows.

Galen accessed the cameras in the surrounding corridors, found no one nearby. It was 1 a.m., station time. Michael's probe showed him Down Below, continuing his search for the doctor. Perfect.

Galen brought himself to a stop. A few feet farther down was a vent that led into a storage closet near John's office. Galen visualized the equations, conjuring a cluster of intense balls of energy on the vent. In a few seconds they had burned through. He passed into the storage closet, conjured a full-body illusion. He had no time to gain John's trust, to explain all that he knew and how he knew it. He would simply plant the idea and be gone.

The Shadows would not pursue him here. They knew where he was headed, and without a method of penetrating Z'ha'dum's defenses, he could easily be dealt with out on the rim, where he would draw no unwanted attention.

As for the Vorlon Kosh, if he really did live inside John, Galen hoped he would not interfere.

The corridor outside was empty. Galen left the storage closet, made his way to John's large office. Dim light revealed the rectangle of the window, which looked out on the station's vast gardens, now simulating night. John sat in the circle of light from the single lamp, his head hanging to one side, lips slightly parted. In sleep, he looked young, too young for the responsibility he carried.

Galen wondered what plan the Shadows had for him. If he was lost, the alliance would fail. No one else had the power to hold the many races and governments together. Galen wished he could do more for John, but he could not.

He took the tranq tab from his pocket, went to John, pressed
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