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"Where did you and John go on your honeymoon?"

Justin let out a heavy breath, and Anna worried that the liberators might find her undeserving of the great honor for which they had chosen her.

"We don't have much time, Anna," he said. "I'm just going to have to teach you all we know. Maybe you can connect these facts with the images in your mind."

"I will," she said, and he gave her a short smile.

"Beyond that, there's one more thing we can try. Someone you used to know, who might be able to jog your memory. You'll meet him soon."

* * *

Galen glided through the ventilation system of Babylon 5, forcing the energy within him to slow, the heat to decline, his pounding heart to calm. Two mind-focusing exercises left only a small window for thought. He had to leave this place.

He accessed the Command and Control database, inserted his ship into the schedule with a departure time in one hour. He could not go after Morden again. The Shadows would be prepared for him; he had lost that opportunity. He must go to Z'ha'dum, even though the defense net would likely kill him. He must hold to what remained of his task. For without it, he would dissolve into chaos.

But first he would convey his information to John Sheridan.

The probe on John's neck revealed he was finally alone, sitting on the couch in his darkened office, a single table lamp illuminating the reports spread across his lap. His hands lay limp on either side of him. Only the sound of slow, regular breaths broke the silence. John was sleeping.

After a good night's rest, John would probably realize the Shadows' strategy on his own. But whether he'd get that sleep, or duty would call on him during the night, as it had so many times before, Galen didn't know. If this visit to Babylon
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