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Shadows had secured Morden's loyalty using his loved ones against him, just as Morden, in the Shadows' service, had attempted to do with Galen. "Even if the Shadows did free your family, you've more than repaid them."

Morden frowned. "I promised to serve them. For as long as I could."

"But I can free you," Galen said, stunned by the words coming out of his mouth. Somehow, this had gone beyond an attempt to gain information on the Shadows' defense net. He knew he couldn't change Morden's mind, yet still he couldn't stop himself from trying. He didn't know why. He didn't know how it had happened. But somehow it had become more important than anything. "If you can cheat the devil, then shouldn't you do it?"

"Not over this. Not over them. What the Shadows gave me is well worth what I promised."

Morden paid the price from which the mages had fled. Galen pointed the gun toward the necklace. "Your wife and daughter would hate you for what you've done. You do them no honor by killing for their sakes."

"If that's true, then that's another part of the price I have to pay."

"You can transcend yourself," Galen said, wondering who had taken control of his body. "Transcend the Shadows' directives. That's why I'm here. I'm here to offer you a way out."

Morden shook his head. "You're here to free me, as bizarre and incredible as I find that. But I'm not a slave. If you want to free someone, there are better candidates all around you. I chose to serve willingly. There were others who didn't. Others-on the Icarus and elsewhere-whose decision was forced upon them by people like me, who wouldn't fight. Living beings trapped inside all the Shadow ships, serving as their central processing units. Legions more, on Z'ha'dum. The conquered Narns, who are being slaughtered every
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