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he is our enemy? What if he doesn't understand?"

Justin frowned. "Then the liberators will make him understand. He will do as he's told."

Yes, the liberators would make him understand. Once he met them, how could he fail to see their brilliance? "When he joins us, what will he do? How can we gain victory through one Human?"

Justin's wrinkled face softened. "John is what we call a nexus. Imagine the entire galaxy is one great machine. John is the heart of that machine. If we can control him, the rest will follow."

"I am to control him?" The idea appealed to her.

"Yes, similar to the way you controlled your machine, though the means are different. You must control him as one Human controls another. As his wife, you have power over him. He cares for you, and you may use that concern to manipulate him. You need to prove to John that you love him, and that you want what is best for him. You want him to understand what we're really all about. We need you to bring John here, and to help convince him to join us."

It seemed so strange that she had a husband, and that she might have influence over him. "Will he remember me?"

"Yes. And you must be as he remembers. He'll doubt it's really you, at first. He'll question you. That's why we need you to remember. We believed a telepath was the best way to retrieve those memories. Since that didn't work, we're going to try something else. A treatment, a chemical infusion. Something to help break down the barriers. Do you understand?"

She would remember what she needed, she would control John, they would achieve victory, and she would be joined with the Eye. Then she would know true ecstasy.

"I understand," she said.

* * *

"Smile for me," Galen said. Fire raced along the lines of his tech; heat spilled
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