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you to your true potential, you lived as the Humans do. You had a husband, John Sheridan. He has become very important in this war." Justin paused as the two technicians raised the dead Drakh's body on a floating table, escorted him out of the room. Then Anna was left with Justin and Elizar, and standing behind them, with shining black skin and brilliant rows of eyes, the liberators.

Anna took another piece of food from the tray before her. Whatever the liberators wanted her to do, she would do, for their wisdom was truly unparalleled. She had forgotten that for a short time, in her disturbance at losing the machine. But now she understood. They would perfect her.

Justin turned back to her. "John is confused. He's fighting us. He doesn't understand the First Principles. He doesn't realize that chaos is superior to order. He, personally, has destroyed three of your sisters within the last year."

"How can a Human be so powerful?"

"It's even worse than that. He convinced the Vorlons to attack us in that battle a few months ago. I'm sure you know it was a terrible defeat for us. Many were lost."

John Sheridan was the greatest threat to them after the Vorlons. She had not realized. So many of her sisters had fallen, because of him. "I will not stop until he is utterly destroyed."

Justin raised a hand. "No, no, Anna. It may come to that, but we're hoping it won't. We believe if we can explain things to John, he'll realize his mistake and join with us. If we could convince him to work with us, victory would be ours."

"The enemy must be utterly destroyed."

"John may not be our enemy. He may simply be confused. We see great potential in him, as we saw in you. We're hoping his potential can be released."

But he had killed so many of her sisters. "What if
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