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pulled by the string out of his body and up through the layers of Babylon 5 into space. As before, the blackness wrapped tightly around him, and the string accelerated down the narrow, constricting channel, carrying him with it.

It would take him to his next victim.

Beneath his hands, the string bubbled with words, revealing its message. He has threatened Londo Mollari, a powerful Centauri ally of ours. This Centauri must be kept alive. As for Galen, you know our plans for him, if you can capture him. In any case, he must be stopped.

Then the constricting blackness unfolded, and he found himself in the openness of space. Below lay a planet streaked in shades of brown, the spiky silhouettes of two Shadow ships passing across its surface. With the string, he hurtled down toward it. Quickly Galen took in the surrounding stars, committing their positions to memory. He was on the rim; he could tell that much instantly.

The dusty atmosphere enveloped him; the ragged peaks of black mountains loomed up, and he accelerated, reaching rock and slipping through, speeding downward, caves and stone flashing by in a jumbled torrent. He plunged into the recipient.

Within was dark, and the string stopped its forward movement, curled in on itself like a snake, repeating itself, wrapping its words about him. Your old associate. Must be kept alive. You know our plans. A powerful ally of ours.

He had gained enough information to find Elizar. Now he must hope that Elizar sent a response to the Shadow, and that he was able to find it. Or else, regardless of what he'd told Alwyn, his abandoned body would die within the shaft.

Galen sensed no other strings in the darkness. He tried to direct himself through Elizar's body, to search for the message, but he only drifted. One second
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