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"I'm not going to be the bait in any trap."

"If you don't want our help-"

"I can't leave the station. This techno-mage has chosen the most breathtakingly inconvenient moment to go on his rampage. Minister Virini is here. I have a plan in motion. You know that. I have to be here."

Morden smiled. "You want to avoid the appearance of any personal involvement in Refa's death. And you want to be here to destroy Refa's reputation personally, once you've had him killed. Deliver the coup de grўce."

"After what he's done to me, of course I do. Why don't you just trick this techno-mage into believing I've left the station and draw him into your trap?"

"Techno-mages aren't easily deceived."

"I can't leave! Not now! I've been setting this up for months. The future of my house depends on it. Whose side are you on, anyway?"

Morden inclined his head. "Your side, of course, Londo. Haven't we helped whenever you've asked it?"

Londo gave a short, bitter laugh. "Even when I haven't asked it."

"Well then. You're making things more difficult, but I can send for assistance to solve your problem. Your help will arrive in a day, and will rid you of your techno-mage."

"A day? Who will protect me until then?"

"I'm afraid you'll have to survive that long on your own. My associates can't yet reveal their presence. And no one else here has the power to protect you."

"How am I supposed to survive for even an hour with that madman on the loose?"

Morden moved to the door. "Disguise yourself. Crawl into a hole. And pull the hole in after you." He opened the door. "I'm sorry we can't help any further. I have other business to attend to. I'm leaving in the morning. This is a busy time for us all, Londo. A critical time."

Londo stared at him, then finally went
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