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"Are you positive he was alone?"

Galen controlled his breathing, lifted his head. Morden suspected that more than one mage had come to Babylon 5.

He peered through the vent. The room was plain, small, with a neatly made bed in the far corner, two easy chairs and a table against the near wall. If not for a comp-pad and an empty liquor bottle from the mini-bar on the table, Galen would have thought the room unused. Londo and Morden stood below him, near the table and chairs. At the sight of Morden so close, so near to the time of his death, eagerness rose up in Galen, the tech surging with a burning rush.

Londo held a glass with the contents of the liquor bottle, and he downed it in several gulps, followed by a grimace. His other hand still clutched the statue. "You mean he's not the only one that's still alive?"

"There may be one or two others."

"One or two- This is completely unacceptable. You have to stop them. Kill them-you're good at that. However you do it, just get rid of them." Londo pointed the empty glass at Morden. "In the meantime, you and your associates will have to protect me."

Morden stood with his right hand in his pocket, left arm bent at the elbow, hand extended. "I can arrange for you to be smuggled off the station. That's your best chance. We can bring-"

"My best chance?"

"Galen is a powerful mage."

"I believed I had associates even more powerful."

"You do, Londo. But we can't hunt down a techno-mage and kill him in front of the entire station. He won't go quietly. What we need to do is move the fight to another location, set up a trap for him."

Galen ran through frequencies, found the static-filled shapes of Morden's two associates behind him. They were close enough for Galen to tap into their communications.
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