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he had no real understanding of the Shadows' organic technology. How the membrane, partly alive, might be produced, how it might sustain itself, remained mysteries. He couldn't even tell with certainty whether the membrane he faced was in essence matter, or some mixture of matter and shaped energy. How he might get past, he had no idea.

Galen stopped before it. The vent to Morden's room was just five feet beyond. He focused on the wall of the shaft beside him, used his sensors to tell him what lay on the other side: a space, a room. He was up near the ceiling, behind one corner. Across the room stood a Human, and from that figure radiated the constant, low-frequency energy Galen had detected from Morden's implant. The Shadows would be there as well, though Galen could not sense them through the wall. He needed to know where they were so he could focus on them, so he could cast his spell to listen to their communications. He needed to get to the vent.

A second figure entered the room. Centauri. Londo. Right on schedule.

Raised voices sounded down the shaft, and Galen focused on them, amplifying the sound.

"-here? How did you even find me? We agreed we would always meet in the hedge maze," Morden said.

"Excuse me for the breach in etiquette! I'm about to be murdered! He's a madman. I nearly choked to death. And it is your fault, Mr. Morden. You and your associates put me in this position. You have to deal with this man! You have to protect me."

"Ambassador. What are you talking about?"

As Londo recounted his experience, Galen's mind raced to find some way past the membrane. Surely if he destroyed it, the Shadows would be alerted to his presence.

He must reach the vent, or he would have to postpone or abandon his plan. Postponing the plan was unthinkable;
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