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to me at all times."

"You may not have heard, there is a war on. We're short-staffed as it is." Michael preempted Londo's protest. "But for someone of your importance, I will requisition three of my best... Narn... guards."

"Narns?" Londo's expression darkened. "Your sense of humor is not what it used to be."

Michael's tone remained mild. "I can't give you your choice of any security staff you want. Our cooperation can only go so far, Ambassador."

"I might as well stick my head in the station's fusion reactor. It would be quicker." Londo stood, began pacing nervously through the ruins of his room. "Sheridan will hear about this. And my government may well take action." He ran into Zack, who was examining the golden statue Londo had been holding earlier. Londo snatched the figure back. "Get out of here! You're useless."

"Are you rejecting our protection?" Michael asked.

"Protection? I'd be safer with Vir as my security. Yes, I'm rejecting it. I'm rejecting you. Get out. Get out." Londo drove them from his quarters.

Galen switched to one of the probes he had left on Londo's wall. The ambassador stood alone in the center of his once luxurious sitting room, the statue hanging at his side. "Vir... always off on some ridiculous errand when I need you."

A trinket on his desk dropped to the floor, and at the sound, Londo jumped, raising the statue like a club.

He turned, looking anxiously around the room. "Madman. I refuse to die for this. Not now. It wasn't my fault." He raised his voice. "It wasn't my fault!"

With an anxious gulp, he rushed from the room, the statue clutched in both hands.

Galen continued his mind-focusing exercise as Londo rushed past the place where he lay hidden. Everything was going according to plan. He must simply retain
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