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incident. We maintain our presence here in the understanding that we will be protected."

"It's just hard to keep track of all your enemies, Ambassador. Now which one was this, again?"

"Great Maker! I told you. A mad techno-mage. Totally and completely insane. Out for revenge for all those who were killed when they visited here."

"Did you get a name?"

"A name? Yes, right after we shared the hands of friendship."

"What about a description?"

"Are you hard of hearing? He looked like a techno-mage. Black robe, bald head-he should stand out fairly well around here. I would think even your people could find him."


"Yes, yes-at least I think so. Young, I believe. He said his teacher was Elric, the leader of the techno-mages. I had some dealings with Elric when he was here. A very short temper- just like his student."

"And he claimed you had killed the techno-mages."

Londo waved the thought away. "His accusations totally baseless, of course. They died in an accident; I'm sure you recall it. The freighter belonged to a Centauri company. It was old, poorly maintained. The techno-mages tricked me into gambling with them. When I lost, they demanded I arrange passage for them on the ship. This was all investigated before. It was just a tragic accident."

"As I remember, you wanted something from them, and they refused. No hard feelings about that?"

"You want to put this on me? Do you realize that I was very nearly killed? And that techno-mage will be back. He's not going to be satisfied until I'm dead."

"You do tend to have that effect on people."

"Do your job, Mr. Garibaldi. This insane techno-mage must be tracked down at once. Until he's captured, I demand protection. Six of your best-if such a word can be used. They must be available
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