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He and Elizar sat, and as she stood before them, the answer came to her. He could mean nothing else. Excitement stirred her pathetic body. The liberators were truly great.

"You will join me with the Eye and give me control of it," Anna said, finding it difficult, for some reason, to catch her breath. "That is how I will be perfected."

Justin's bushy eyebrows contracted, and he looked toward the liberators. After a moment, he returned her gaze. "Just so, Anna. Just so. We hadn't planned on telling you until later, but you've figured it out. Very good. But first you must help us attain victory. That's how you'll prove yourself worthy. Once we are victorious, then you and the Eye will be one."

She would be perfected, joined with the greatest machine she had ever sensed. Anna sat. "Tell me what to do."

Chapter 12

"He could have killed me a thousand times over and danced a jig on my decaying remains before you and your incompetent security force arrived," Londo raved. "We had an extended conversation. He had time to ruin my entire living quarters. To torture me. Another few seconds, and I would have been dead!" He sat sprawled on his couch, his crest blown flat against his head, his starburst brooch hanging from his jacket by a thread.

Michael stood over him. "Gee, that's too bad. Zack, make a note. We should wait another minute or two next time we get an alarm from the ambassador's quarters."

Watching through the probe on Michael's hand, Galen crawled into the narrow air shaft, pulled the vent closed behind him. Even lying prone, he barely fit. His heart pounded from the adrenaline still racing through him, the pounding echoed back by the tech.

"Take care, Mr. Garibaldi. I don't think your captain will appreciate your turning this into a diplomatic
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