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in the image raised her hand toward Anna, until, at last, their fingertips met. Identical.

"No," Anna said, and the woman echoed her word. With a shriek Anna threw herself at the woman just as the woman threw herself at Anna. But the woman had no substance. Anna passed through her, head ramming into the side of the couch, and fell to the floor.

As she struggled to coordinate her limbs, the Drakh quickly dragged Bunny from the room.

Justin crouched in front of her. "Stop, Anna! Stop! The liberators expect better from you. Have you forgotten everything they taught you?"

Anna pushed herself up with weak limbs, onto the hands and knees of her pathetic Human body. How could she be Human? Humans were weak, small, vulnerable. They were not parts of machines. They did not join with machines. She did not want to be Human.

"The liberators gave you everything. They made you what you were. And they have made you what you are now. They want to release your full potential, to make you even greater than you were. Have you forgotten the First Principles?"

To make her greater? How could they make her greater? "Chaos through warfare. Evolution through bloodshed. Perfection through victory."

"You have done the first two very well. Now you will help us to attain complete victory. And you will be perfected."

She could not stand to be a Human. She needed to be rejoined to a machine. That was who she was; that was her purpose.

Three of the liberators entered, their tapered legs moving gracefully. Their brilliant pinpoint eyes studied her.

"Come and sit down, Anna," Justin said, "and I will explain everything, as best I can."

Justin extended a hand in a gesture she didn't recognize. She climbed to her feet. He had said she would be perfected. What could that mean?
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