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Bunny took it. He guided her toward the door. But after a few steps she stopped, jerked away from him. She held her palm up to her face, as if she had never seen it before. Something was affixed there, a small white disk. She scratched clumsily at it, but was unable to remove it. Her gaze traveled slowly up to Elizar. "You bastard." She staggered, and the Drakh, released from her control, grabbed her. "You-promised." She collapsed.

"Thank you, Elizar," Justin said.

Elizar nodded.

"Take her for processing," Justin said to the Drakh. "They want that ship back in service as soon as possible."

Anna didn't understand-she must be mistaken-but Justin's words filled her with a horrible sense of dread. "Are you joining her with my machine?"

Justin's face twitched. "Yes, Anna. We need you elsewhere. You are critical to our victory, and we need you in this form."

The Drakh dragged Bunny toward the door.

It couldn't be. Bunny was going to get everything Anna desired-the thrill of battle, the red rapture of the war cry. Anna moved her weak body, blocking their way. "How can that happen?" she asked. "How can Bunny do what I do?"

Justin frowned. "I'm not sure what you mean, Anna."

Anna's outrage built. "She is not what I am."

"What are you, Anna?"

"A great engine of-" No, that was no longer true. "The heart and brain of a machine."

"You are Human, Anna. Just as Bunny is."

How could he say that? "No I'm not." Anna's heart pounded. "No I'm not." The idea was absurd.

Elizar raised his hand in a precise movement, and an image appeared in the air before her, an image as large as her, of a Human female in a knee-length wraparound robe, with long, tangled hair and hollow eyes. Anna extended her grasping mechanism toward the thin figure, and the woman
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