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with their conditioning. You can't blame me for that. They turned her into a machine, and there's just no way to turn that thing"-she jerked her chin toward Anna-"back into a Human being."

Anna had no idea what Bunny was talking about, but she sensed that Justin had at last realized Bunny was no friend, and that something very bad was about to happen to the telepath. She watched avidly.

One of the Drakh reached for Bunny, and her eyes narrowed on him. The Drakh stumbled back, knocking his companion aside. His body trembling, he took his weapon in both hands, turned it so that the muzzle pointed to one of his glowing red eyes, and fired. Fragments of white exoskeleton sprayed out the back of his head. He fell at Elizar's feet.

The second Drakh lunged at Bunny, but no sooner had he seized her than she turned her narrowed eyes on him. He released her as if she were burning hot. Then he too took his weapon, aimed it at himself.

"I don't want to kill anyone," Bunny yelled, her eyes fixed on the Drakh. "But you're not wiring me into one of those ships! Just let me go. Elizar can take me. I won't tell anybody anything."

Anna pulled her hands away from the technicians and stood, carefully balancing on her two lower extremities. Bunny was talking again of ships. What could Bunny mean?

Elizar stepped over the fallen Drakh, his black velvet coat brushing the body. "Let her go, Justin," he said in his skillfully modulated voice. "She has served well. I can take her to a planet without space trade; she will do no harm to us." The curious pattern of hair on his chin shifted as he smiled at Bunny. "They can be assured that, wherever I leave her, she'll cause plenty of chaos."

While keeping her eyes on the Drakh, Bunny also smiled.

Elizar extended his hand, and
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