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war cry.

"Good," Justin said in his quavering voice. "Now tell me the very earliest memory you have."

Anna glanced at Bunny, who stood to one side with Elizar. Anna did not want Bunny in her mind again, pushing at that brilliant, burning barrier, "helping" her to remember whatever it was they wanted her to remember.

Justin waited for an answer.

"I remember the liberators," Anna said, "instructing me in obedience."

Justin let out a heavy breath. "I want you to tell me a memory of yourself in this body"-he pointed to her- "without the ship. The earliest memory you have."

Anna searched her mind. "I was in a tunnel underground. I sensed a machine to control. He resembled a Human, but he was only partly Human. His name was Galen. I seized his hand." She looked down at her grasping mechanism, troubled by its resemblance to a Human hand. "I joined with him."

Justin's exhalation was harsher this time, and he stood. A door opened, and two Drakh entered, eyes glowing red, jagged white exoskeletons covering most of their heads. Anna had carried Drakh of this type several times; they were menial soldiers. They wore black body armor and carried primitive weapons over their shoulders.

Justin made a sharp motion toward Bunny, and his voice was hard. "Get her out of here. She's useless."

Bunny backed away. "I told you I couldn't break through without killing her."

"I thought you might have stimulated at least a few memories. But not even that. They've been patient with you, Bunny, but you just haven't been pulling your weight. There's a capacity in which you could be much more productive."

"I did my best. You wouldn't even know who she was if it wasn't for me." Bunny backed into the wall, straightening with a start. "They blocked the memories themselves,
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